The Streets

We’re takin’ it to the streets today with The Doobies and their 1976 album, Takin’ It to the Streets. This was the first Doobies album to feature prominent singer / songwriter Michael McDonald, and would mark a subtle turning point in the direction of the band’s new sound. Mr. McD would continue performing with the band, penning some of their most critically successful tracks, until their initial breakup in 1982. Several “reunions” have come to light over the 30+ plus years since “The Doobie Brothers broke up” but it’s always good to start at the beginning, such as this album. I’m an advocate for absorbing a band’s full musical spectrum, and encourage both wave 1 Doobies, and this wave 2.

Best Always, Michael McDonald

McDForged from a life-changing experience by some burned-up Doobies fan, this pristine copy of Michael McDonald’s 1985 album, No Lookin’ Back, rested perfectly, like a low hanging piece of musical fruit, amongst the drab and questionable murk at a Goodwill in the San Fernando Valley. Sandwiched between Art Garfunkel’s Angel Clare and Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass’ What Now My Love (neither of which resemble drab or questionable murk) sat this relic gem, and in less than 10 minutes, and for only $0.95, it was mine.
BestAlwaysWhy someone would part with such a profound and enlightened treasure is beyond me, but she now rests, calmly, within my analog graveyard. Someone had a hell-of-a day when this album was signed, and I thank them for their careless oversight.