The BBQ Lives!

Found out about this one a bit late, but we were still able to catch the majority of Mike Watt and Secondmen at Liquid Kitty Punk Rock BBQ’s new location in Cypress, Cafe Nela. A random appearance by Keith Morris (and what looked to be his family) was a treat. Bummed we missed Lawndale. RIP Liquid Kitty.

The Back of the Hand

handbackI hesitated, wrongfully, at obtaining both extremely limited copies of the Mike Watt & the Secondmen / Bernays Propaganda split 7′. Asian Man Records went all out with this 2-track release, offering only 150 pressings on black cherry, and 150 on raspberry vinyl. Spun them both the other night, and am very happy to have obtained both variants. It’s solid, angry, in-your-face Watt, and it’s essential listening material.