Bob Newhart released his 2nd comedy album, The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back! just six months after his debut recording, The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart (both in 1960). This award-winning sophomore effort (winner of 1961’s Grammy for Best Comedy Performance for Spoken Word aka Best Comedy Album) granted this decades-long dry-humor mogul two Grammys for two albums, all within one year’s time. A clear indication that Bob Newhart would become and continue to be a household name, even some 58 years later. Prepare yourself for some straight man comedy brilliance.

Sammy the Salmon

SalmonHello boys and girls… featured here today is 2007’s 7” single from UK’s big beat crackerjacks, Chem Bros (aka The Chemical Brothers). Featuring, and co-written by Derrick Stewart, aka Pharcyde’s Fatlip, the 2nd (of many) lucrative singles from 2007’s We Are the Night, brings to life a shorter, much more compact (and opaque) version of the promo 12” of the same track. Dance the Salmon, kids… in your own, upstream, current-faring way.

(Thanks to LDNE for the gracious, and timely gift!)

A (Short) Evening with Belafonte

EveningDerived from the LP of the same name, this 4-track EP 7″ is perfect for those hurried evenings when a little romantic nudge is required, but the depth of a fully hammered out album is the LAST thing on your mind. As far as I’m concerned, any Belafonte is better than no Belafonte, and after a quick, 2-track flip, your planned, erotic evening will be swiftly underway, thanks to the nimble, intoxicating seduction of this unforgettable evening, with Belafonte.