Live in Concert

GouletRobert Gerard Goulet is many thing to many, many people. Vegas crooner, housewife heart-throb, and of course, uncompromising supernatural connoisseur à la Beetlejuice. But before his mustache-swaggered role in Tim Burton’s 1988 classic, Mr. Goulet released his first live album, 1963’s Robert Goulet in Person: Recorded Live in Concert. Jam packed with a medley per side, Mr. Goulet’s sugar sweet wails covers, including the medleys, 17 poppy jazz favorites, and is perfect mood setting music for dress-up play dates with your cocktail wielding significant other. Mr. Goulet comes highly recommended from the Groove. Happy Friday!

Sincerely Yours

GouletMr. Robert Goulet (pronounced gool-ay, and not, goal-ayt), wants you to have a fan-fuggin-tastic day after Thanksgiving… I mean, look at him! All seductive, and turkey-like, sitting on an elevated apparatus atop a floor of Reynolds wrap. We here at the Prudent Groove (along with the fanbase of Robert Goulet, and the Joan Wilder Book Club Members of Cartagena) wish you a happy, healthy weekend.

Sincerely yours…