Portugal. The Memory

The problem with collecting records for so long, is the rather sad fact that from time to time, you’ll stumble across a record you have little-to-no memory of acquiring. Case in point, Church Mouth by Alaska-based indie band, Portugal. The Man. I used to frequent the bulletin board Vinyl Collective (I think it was called) affiliated with Colorado-based label, Suburban Home Records, and there was tons of buzz about this release back in 2007 (ok, it appears that I do remember this album now… interesting how that happens). Church Mouth was pressed into 1000 records, with a variety of random-ass colors. (Plum: solid w/ a drop of cream. Raspberry: solid with a drop of cream. Blue (blueberry?) with a drop of cream, and this, chocolate with a drop of cream.) All variants were limited to 250 pressings, making up the 1000 total because, math.

Half and Half

AJJI was collecting any and everything Andrew Jackson Jihad for a hot minute a few years ago. Snatched among my bounty was this 2009 split with Cobra Skulls on Suburban Home Records titled, Under the Influence, Vol. 6. This half and half version is the least rare of the three versions with 1000 pressings (I must have hesitated for some stupid reason when purchasing). There is a swamp water green version (700 pressings), and the rarest, a maroon version pressed into only 300 records.

AJJ_45A quick and unjustifiably easy way to describe the great AJJ would be to call them folk-punk. Their raw emotion lingers, and welcomes continued listens. Check out their first full length, People Who Can Eat People are the Luckiest People in the World released on Asian Man Records back in ’07 if you haven’t already. That one comes highly recommended, if you’re into highly recommended records.