Surf Classics of the Modern Persuasion

SurfModern Surf Classics by Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake is both a presumptuous title, and spot effin’ on. (Insert broken record comment here), anything John Reis puts out is an unquestionable classic. This incarnation of instrumental grandiose surf rock was classic in the minds of the artists, classic during this album’s recording, classic upon its release, and classic some near 9 months later. The closing hymn is my fav (Sets of Fire), but the album as a whole breeds water-loving twang-rock with plenty of energy to spare. Summer may be over (finally), but with Modern Surf Classics, the waves are always honest.

Walk Don’t Run (Straight to Bed)

VenturesLong live the endless, wet adventure with this Best of comp by the world’s all-time best-selling instrumental band, and Tacoma, Washington’s very own, The Ventures. Of course Walk Don’t Run is on there, along with Wipe Out, Hawaii Five-O, Tequila and Ram-Bunk-Shush (among others). Sometimes, and this is fairly infrequent, Best of albums are just what the late night doctor ordered (along with a hi-ball of straight Canadian rye).