The HoneyKinks

Man, ever since finding The Honeycombs’ US debut for $1 at my local b&m, I’ve been obsessed with Have I the Right?. So when I found out that there existed a French, split 7″ with my favorite band (The Kinks), I knew it was only a matter of time. Yesterday, the (relatively) brief hunt subsided, and we’re now the proud owners of this gorgeous split EP. Down side, I’m now on the hunt for other mid-60s French 7″ releases.

Have I the Right?

I know I’ve asked this before, but is a multi-skip record worth $1? I’m of the party that wholeheartedly screams “yes” to this question, especially when said $1 record is The Honeycombs’ debut album, Here are The Honeycombs from 1964. Like many things of the time, this US version houses a different cover and different title (UK / original version simply titled, The Honeycombs), though maintains the same track order as the UK original, which is interesting. Moving on, Have I the Right? was the first and highest charting single by the band, a group that would only release two studio albums throughout their lightning career. Although the popular British songwriting duo Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley are credited as having written Have I the Right? (and they did), it was this riveting pop group led by their talented female drummer that forced the selling of over a million copies. If you’ve forgotten the track, have a listen.