These Ways are Like, Relative, Man

TofDAs much as I loathe Interscope Records and their shady, artist-disrespecting business behavior, one can’t overlook the phenomenal impact of this Austin post-hardcore collective. Relative Ways, the 2nd single off …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead’s 2002 masterwork, Source Tags & Codes, combines neatly placed angst with melodic and weighty clouds of rhythmic bliss, or some type shit. It’s catchy as all hell, but heavy enough to do away with the guilt brought on by obsessive and repeated listens. With a $1.99 price tag, she ain’t a bad find!

Source Tags & Codes

ToDTrail of Dead (aka …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead) scored an instant classic with their first full-length for Interscope Records (and third overall), 2002’s Source Tags & Codes. Their first of three for the label, Source Tags & Codes is widely considered the band’s most accomplished, and critically honored effort, and is number 1 in my “next to spin” pile (followed by The Million Dollar Quartet and Kiss Your Ass Goodbye! by Blue Meanies). Although I’m partial to So Divided, the band’s fifth album, Source Tags shows what an already talented band can do, given respect, and major label luxuries. Give it whirl.

Divided… No Vinyl

Trail…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead didn’t release their fifth album, So Divided, on vinyl, so we’re left with this 7” single. Wasted State of Mind b/w Eight Days of Hell is an insufficient representative of this band’s (in my opinion) greatest achievement. So Divided needs a proper vinyl release… their previous four albums each had one. So Divided, what gives?!