E-Lec-Tric-al Banana

Mellow YellowMellow Yellow, the 1967 album by the Glasgow born, Scottish revolutionary, Donovan Phillips Leitch (as apposed to Mello Yello, the refreshing citrus beverage enjoyed during the bike riding summers of yesteryear), carries with it an aura, a golden, warming glow of sandal-wearing, ankle-wading, mind-clearing, beach-yearning temperaments of folky goodness, perfect for soaking in the warm, skin-kissing rays from that mass of incandescent gas we call the sun.

Yellow MellowCertain times throughout the annual revolution of our inhabitable rock, the specific craving for particular sounds eclipses that of everyday listening pleasure. In December, it’s the Monks, in May it’s Vacuum Scam, and for whatever unknown (however wholeheartedly welcomed) reason, March is the perfect time for Donovan.

3 thoughts on “E-Lec-Tric-al Banana

    • THAT’S CRAZY!! I had no idea! I knew he contributed to the first Kinks album, which makes one wonder about the Kinks track, “Session Man” off their 1966 rocker, “Face to Face.” I looked up other “secret” JP contributions and there seems to be some controversy surrounding his, John Bonham and John Paul Jones’ involvement with “Hurdy Gurdy Man.” Some sources say it was JP, JB and JPJ, while others say otherwise. Interesting how these tidbits aren’t more well known. Thanks for sharing!

  1. Hello, my name is Jeff Berken or Burkin as it is on the cd. I am the singer for vacuum scam. In a moment of nostalgia I came across this article. Just a heads up, we did a show a couple years ago, first one in 22 years, and it was a blast. A good friend filmed and edited it , and posted it on YouTube along with on from back in the day. I have a friend that can get the cassette on cd if you need one. Jffbrkn@gmail.com. Stay safe be well. Jeff

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