Out of Control

Out of ControlRemixed by the illustrious Alexander Paul Coe (aka Sasha), this promo 12” features just two tracks, Out of Control (Sasha Club Mix) and its b-side, Out of Control (Sasha Instrumental Mix). Freestyle Dust, the sub-label of Virgin Records exclusive to Chemical Brothers releases, must have had no shortage of funds when it came time to press their abundant catalogue, because I don’t think I’ve seen a Chem Bros single sell for more than $3.99, this one may have been a cold $1.99, and a steal at that! If you’re out and about and a Chemical Brothers release catches your eye, probably due to their elaborate cover art, it would be wise to snatch it up, but quick. In a nutshell, preferably pistachio, great dance music can be found at prices that are Out of Control.

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