This is… in Stereo

This is StereoI was able to find a stereo copy of This is Tim Hardin today at a thrifty little (unorganized) shop down in Long Beach. Already having been the owner of the original mono version, I couldn’t turn my back on this artificial (only because it was electronically re-recorded to simulate STEREO) stereo version for a cool $6. Possibly the best record I’ve ever laid ears on, I managed to acquire both copies the guy had (stereo for me, mono for a fellow Hardin-admiring buddy).

I am currently in possession of three This is Tim Hardin albums, and something tells me, it’s not enough.

“Are you ready to check out? You want both copies?!” – Guy

“Yes, guy! I have cash… why do you question the willing?” – Me, in my head

3 thoughts on “This is… in Stereo

    • Shit in a handbag! I was going to send this mp3 album to your email and got busy today. I wish you luck in your This is… quest, and I hope I haven’t hyped it up too much.

  1. This is one that’s been on my list for a while. Never seem to find it during my digs, but it’s never been an issue as it’s not too high up there. Or never has been. Any record that someone owns a few copies of needs attention … so it’s certainly moved up on the list a few places …

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