A Tuesday for Your Tuesday

yupOr, something of the sort. Limited to only 100 pressings, the early 2016 copy of this magnificent 1997 album, is without question, on of the hidden gems of my humble collection. Featuring Dan Adriano, of Alkaline Trio fame, Tuesday’s only studio album is early, HONEST emo, in the best sense of the term. So, let’s be honest, here. Tuesdays come, as they do, and we can all get through them, with help from this album.

3 thoughts on “A Tuesday for Your Tuesday

    • Nice! I seriously need to revamp my Kraftwerk collection. Other than Die Mensch¬∑Maschine, is there a solid standout? Perhaps it’s Computer World?

      • I’d have to go with Autobahn, Trans-Europe Express and Computer World, I wouldn’t want to be without them! (I know that’s 3 not 1 but I just couldn’t split them)

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