Happy 4th Birthday, Prudent Groove!

img_0827Well, four years ago today we dropped the needle on a cryptic and probing experiment called The Prudent Groove. This daily chore of unknown ends (and plagued beginnings) has forced us (me) to peer into the ceaseless collection with a slightly skewed and exotic perspective. (A perspective found primarily at the bottom of empty bourbon glasses and disorganized half-thoughts.) Evolution, in its lazy way, has certainly taken its form here at The Prudent Groove, but we are no closer to any conceivable goal than we were the day before we began, which, today, would be exactly four years and one day ago.

This process has been monumentally rewarding (on a personal level), and I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with patient, like-minded groove-hunters along the way (all who are much smarter, and more knowledgeable than me).

From the casual passersby to the daily squatters, thank you for allowing us to waste your time. Happy 4th birthday, Prudent Groove!

Special thanks to Old Man Hardwick for the photo art and early birthday wishes.

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