Post No. 2193 (AKA Happy Sixth Birthday, PG!)

We have a lot to celebrate as The Prudent Groove turns six today, but nothing more important than offering a heartfelt thank you to those of you who have stopped by to say hello. Over the now 2193 posted blurbs of random, mind-numbing amusement, it’s clear, year after year, which post tickles the most fancies: “The 1966 Philco High-Fidelity All-Transistor Stereophonic Radio-Phonograph” with 3,468 total views as of this posting. I’ve gotten some recent requests (mainly for more vintage inserts), I had my original PG Gmail account hacked, and I’ve met a bunch of amazing, like-minded time-wasters along the way. Thank you all for continuing to share in this goofy-ass exploration into a hoarder’s obsession. I can’t predict the coming future of this page, but six years has certainly been a phenomenal ride. Cheers, and happy birthday, Prudent Groove!

Happy 5th Birthday, Groove!

Five years ago today I started an asinine, little daily tradition focusing, let’s say, “inwardly” on my ever-growing collection, and 1828 posts later, I’m no smarter than when I began. I mean, let’s be honest here. I’m not saving lives (nor do I really want to), but that certainly is not to say that these past 1828 days 1) haven’t been worth it, 2) haven’t allowed me the opportunity to discover a plethora of adventurous new records to spin, and 3) the ability to rethink all the minute elements that make a “record collection.” Thank you for taking the time to assist me in rediscovering my collection, be it through 8-Tracks, Inserts, the short-lived Audio Odyssey (man, was THAT a mistake), and of course, the always-growing Colored Vinyl category. Cheers to you and your subtle enjoyment of analog entertainment. Happy 5th birthday, Prudent Groove!

Happy 4th Birthday, Prudent Groove!

img_0827Well, four years ago today we dropped the needle on a cryptic and probing experiment called The Prudent Groove. This daily chore of unknown ends (and plagued beginnings) has forced us (me) to peer into the ceaseless collection with a slightly skewed and exotic perspective. (A perspective found primarily at the bottom of empty bourbon glasses and disorganized half-thoughts.) Evolution, in its lazy way, has certainly taken its form here at The Prudent Groove, but we are no closer to any conceivable goal than we were the day before we began, which, today, would be exactly four years and one day ago.

This process has been monumentally rewarding (on a personal level), and I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with patient, like-minded groove-hunters along the way (all who are much smarter, and more knowledgeable than me).

From the casual passersby to the daily squatters, thank you for allowing us to waste your time. Happy 4th birthday, Prudent Groove!

Special thanks to Old Man Hardwick for the photo art and early birthday wishes.

Looney Twos (AKA Happy 2nd Birthday, Prudent Groove!)

Merrie_MelodiesThis exceptionally deceiving, unusually vivacious three record comp by Warner Bros. Records titled, Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies features not the usual cast of characters you’d typically expect based on the Fudd-y duddy cover. You won’t find Speedy Gonzales, Foghorn Leghorn, or even Daffy & Bugs, but instead, a hearty helping of Frank Zappa, Arlo Guthrie, Captain Beefheart, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Van Morrison, Little Richard, Randy Newman, The Grateful Dead, Alice Cooper, James Taylor, and The Kinks, among others.

Chosen as more of a symbol than a Saturday listen, this diverse compilation, in a way, represents the eclectic nature of the Prudent Groove which, today, turned two years old.

Happy 2nd birthday, Prudent Groove! You weren’t expected to survive, and there were several days when you narrowly escaped angry extinction. Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a photo for their iTunes metadata, left a comment, or got a chuckle out of this nonsense. 730 days is a hell-of-a long time, and 730 posts is exactly 730 too many. Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Birthday, Prudent Groove!


365 days ago The Prudent Groove set out on her (lethargic, nonsensical, unfocused) maiden voyage in the attempt to offer little more than a self-improving, daily exploration into the cold, solemn depths of my record collection. That was her initial objective. What she inevitably turned into was a time-sucking, ulcer-feeding, stress-fueled fireball licking the backs of my heels as I embarked on a full, creative sprint every day for the past year. Fireballs may be good motivators, but they’re still giant balls of death. Thankfully, I was able to stay one prudent stride ahead of what seemed like inevitable, groovy doom.

Seriously though, thank you for allowing me to waste your time. I’ve had an exceptionally rewarding year, and I appreciate every last set of eyeballs. I’ve met some incredible listening companions (all of whom are much smarter, and more musically knowledgeable than I), and I look forward to another fruitful year of sensational ear candy.

Happy birthday, Prudent Groove!