“The price of liberty, and even of common humanity, is eternal vigilance.” – Aldous Huxley

RadioI unfortunately don’t have in my possession the 1979 Pelican Records release of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World from the January 27th, 1956 radio broadcast featured on The CBS Radio Workshop, so I can’t accurately depict the subject of this post with the proper visual image. Instead, here is a 1974 Memorabilia Records, When Radio Was King! as a semi-decent stand-in.

Last night the Mrs. and I sat at the dining room table under a humming glow of candlelight and listened to Part 1 of Aldous Huxley’s brilliant broadcast. See, we’re trying to get into classic radio broadcasts to break up our workweek. If you haven’t already, get yer ass over to the Internet Archive and download every single CBS Radio Workshop broadcast that your local hard drive can store. You can thank me later.



New and reviewed in the December 1956 issue of Popular Mechanics, the Mercury Scientific Products Corp. manufactured DIS-CHARGER is somewhat of a mystery in 2015. We know it helps to keep records dust and static free, but we don’t know how! (Quick Google search) Ah-ha! We do now! From the mouths of babes (or mechanic nerds from 1956), here is, verbatim, how the Mercury Scientific Products Corp. DIS-CHARGER flawlessly functions:

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 7.58.06 PMRecords will sound better and last longer when tiny Dis-Charger, Fig. A, is clipped to record-player tone arm. Unit draws off static charge as record is played, releasing injurious and noise-producing dust clinging to record grooves. – Popular Mechanics, December, 1956 (page 157)

(photo courtesy of Popular Mechanics, and is used entirely without permission)

An Impromptu Bermuda Calypso Party

Talbot BrosLiven up your Friday evening festivities with an impromptu Calypso party by Bermuda’s finest, The Talbot Brothers. Volume 3, featured here, is fierce, hip-swaying lightning, neatly packed inside an LP shaped bottle of rum.

Ingest a swell of this Calypso cocktail in your ear’s mouth and watch the room come to life right before your eyes. Released in 1956 on Audio Fidelity (AFLP 1807), Bermuda Calypso Party Vol. 3 leaves little to be desired, except perhaps the first two volumes. This is an outstanding album from start to finish, and comes highly recommended. Transform any social scene into an impromptu Bermuda Calypso party, with the Talbot Brothers, and please remember to listen responsibly.

Winter Wonderland AKA Don’t Double Cross a Double Crosser, or You’ll Wind Up in a Winter Wonderland of Death, by The Ray Charles Singers

Winter Wonderland FrontNot to be confused with Ray Charles, the Ray Charles Singers put out a rather cozy, albeit run-of-the-mill holiday album for the winter of 1956 called, Winter Wonderland, where the music meets expectations, but the cover far exceeds them. Sure, all the hits are here (Jingle Bells, Let It Snow, etc.), but this cover, man, perfectly depicts the comfort and security of being inside with a warm, wood-burning fireplace roaring and sub-zero temperatures giving way to large flakes of devil snow outside. It’s that perfect mix of “I’m not going outside… I don’t care if the house is on fire” and “why the hell do we live in this part of the world again?”  That is… until you start to peep the couple on the other side of the large, corner window.

Touch of DeathAt first, I thought it was a touch of romance with the husband laying down and motioning his wife to join him. Upon further analysis, I’ve concluded that the woman is in fact the man’s concubine who has been double crossing on her double cross, and has poisoned the poor sod and disguised it to look like an accident. It’s the 50’s, kids. No Forensic Files. Look at the man’s body language. He’s laying flat on his back, staring straight up with a deadpan look plastered across his face. Now, look at the woman. With a slight, “I told you so” grin, she pushes the man’s hand away in his last attempt at wringing her quadruple crossing neck. Be careful out there, kids. The holidays can be deadly.

Get Rhythm

Get RhythmWhen times are tough and you’d rather stand in the darkness and shout for hours at the starless sky, Get Rhythm.

When your boss’ ego takes priority over what’s best for everyone involved, Get Rhythm.

When you find that honesty takes backseat to the convenience of fearful confrontation, Get Rhythm.

When the squirrels have finally found an effective way to raid the bird feeder, and it’s time to say goodbye to the birds, Get Rhythm.

When social decencies are ignored for selfish, single-minded objectives, Get Rhythm.

When popularity eclipses the right thing to do, Get Rhythm.

When you get the blues, Get Rhythm.

It only costs a dime, just a nickel a shoe

Does a million dollars worth of good for you

– J. R. Cash