Burn, Berlin, Burn!

This Atari Teenage Riot double LP comp titled, Burn, Berlin, Burn! was my first introduction into the bat-shit-crazy world of breakbeat hardcore. It’s a fever-inducing, riotous collage of sound eager to invoke internal bleeding, and is perfect noise candy for Monday afternoons. Had it not been for Grand Royal, I likely would have never exposed myself to this brand of ear violence, but as it stands, great pleasure can derive from a certain amount of pain.

Spawn of the Dead

SpawnOk, so file this under “why the hell haven’t you digitized this yet?!”

Although I’m not a fan of about half of this amalgam, the boisterous pairing of the other half of this comp / soundtrack is what gets me excited. Have a look at a few of these team-ups:

Prodigy & Tom Morello

Metallica & DJ Spooky

Butthole Surfers & Moby

Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot

Spawn_creditsIt’s this last one that sets the adrenaline dial way past 11. A UK release of only (lol, “only”) 5,000 copies on triple translucent red 10″, Spawn the Album was released in 1997 in support of the New Line Cinema film, Spawn or, Spawn the Movie.

It’s difficult not to mention a similar (and far superior) superstar-filled comp / soundtrack, 1993’s Judgment Night (Music from the Motion Picture). In both cases, the accompanied soundtrack greatly outweighs the films in which they support.