Is That a Panatrope in Your Living Room, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Yet another vintage collection of phonographs, this time courtesy of Brunswick (remember, number three of “the big three.”). Panatropes, a term Brunswick coined, were even offered with the newly discovered invention of the time (a fathomable thought), the Radiola. Options were plentiful during the heyday of the 78rpm revolution (and it was certainly nothing short of that), so pick your poison, and your favored label, and throw down some borrowed dough for the finest cabinetry the early 1900s could buy.

Brunswick Bowling Ball

Brunswick Records, the now 103-year-old label, initially began releasing US-recorded material solely in Canada (eh?). Growing in size to become one of the world’s “big three” (Victor, Columbia Records, being the other two), Brunswick would find domestic success releasing “urban” or “race records” including those by The Jungle Band (Duke Ellington) and Fletcher Henderson. Take notice of the striking (pun completely intended) lightning bolt design behind the name, and although she may now be more commonly known for her bold bowling balls, the Brunswick name has been a household staple since September of 1845.