Freebee for Me, B

I’m looking forward to spinning the freebee record I acquired via means of a recent bunked Discogs order. 2015’s Tough Love, Hard Feelings by Loud Boyz is “labeled” as punk, but I’ve never heard of them. Apparently, this blank vinyl pressing is limited to only 400 copies. Groovy. Free music, however, should never be scoffed at… unless it’s modern country… or anything Madonna related. Send that shit straight back!

Shock of Daylight

Unexpected gifts in the form of records that accompany online purchases are, for some reason, happening more and more frequently. As I scour Discogs for random-ass one-offs and obscure Wax Trax! releases, more frequently now are sellers throwing in additional, random records with my purchases. This has happened a handful of times now, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the results. The Sound and their 1984 EP Shock of Daylight is the newest freebie to cross our threshold. Thank you, random Discogs seller. We’ll now enjoy six tracks of pure, new wave bliss. Free music just, somehow, tastes better, don’tcha think?


RockIt’s crazy to imagine a world where Led Zeppelin’s IV was not only new, but was also featured alongside Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara’s Laugh When You Like. I think I found this sleeve tucked inside Rich Grech’s The Last Five Years (from ’73) which is, an amazing blues / classic rock collection. Had some free time this past weekend and dug through some of the lesser spun albs. You’ll recognize Rich Grech from Traffic, Ginger Baker’s Air Force, and Blind Faith if the name escapes you. Short story shorter, it’s well worth the $1.70 a seller over at Discogs is asking.

Free Service

CFloorSometimes you get a record you order off Discogs and well, that’s great! And OTHER times, you get the record you order off Discogs with six bonus CDs! Such is the case with Discogs seller “Discontinued” and my order of the Custom Floor Clear Day LP. Let’s give props to those to go the extra mile (or six), and dammit, “Discontinued” is that extra fool going that extra mile! Thank you, good sir!!


DeadThis Citizens Patrol 7″ was mysteriously packaged in a recent purchase off Discogs, and I’m not quite sure if it was a “thanks for your order, enjoy this complimentary record,” or if it was some oversight. An email is out to the seller, but I’m curious to see if this guy is in fact “mine” just yet. I’m even more curious to hear what it sounds like, but am hesitant to spin it just in case I fall in love, then have to give it back. Spike Lee says, “Do the Right Thing.” He’s a smart man.

In Search of the Red Headed Stranger

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 11.06.19 PMI’m not sure why the local brick & mortars in and around the Los Angeles area haven’t stocked the 1975 Willie Nelson classic, Red Headed Stranger (you know, the one with Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain on it). There are currently 1080 owners of this album on Discogs, and there are 19 copies on sale starting at $0.99, yet I’ve still never seen one among my multiple hunts throughout the last 12 hunting months. “Just order it on Discogs, then, and stop wasting my time!” I just can’t justify paying more for shipping than the item being shipped, Mr. and / or Mrs. Mud Stick.

The search continues, for the elusive, Red Headed Stranger.

Watt ‘er Ya Gonna’ Do?

WattTo my dismay, I received a discogs ordered Mike Watt Ball-Hog or Tugboat? double LP with a chopped corner. The seller didn’t list said missing chunk in the item description, and now I don’t even want to look at the thing, let alone listen to it. I’m torn between reselling it (as returning it, I’m finding, is not an option), or begrudgingly keeping it, only to scowl at it every chance it’s in eyesight. I’ve been contemplating this decision all week as it haunts the waiting room of my collection. Oh well, Watt ‘er ya gonna’ do?

The Treasury of Immortal Performances “45” rpm

Mr. MillerIt’s difficult not to get excited about Glenn Miller. There’s something about the profound purity of a child’s smile behind a raging trombone, and, of course, the eternal Jimmy Stewart icon-association that makes this, or any Glenn Miller recording, an endless treasure.

This 4x 7” (45 rpm, naturally) set has yet to make its legendary entrance into the prolific discogs database, but if the winds of fate blow favorably, this weekend will truly unveil the Treasury of Immortal Performances.