Simply BS

bs_2Time for the ol’ car CD swap out. This happens every three or so months and, let me tell you, going from a 160gb iPod to a single-disc stereo take a bit of getting used to. Presented here is 1997’s vinyl-only self-titled BS 2000 (custom made… only two in existence) and the follow-up, 2000’s Simply Mortified. These were the only “studio” releases by the Beastie Boys side project BS 2000, and we’re about to rediscover them for about the fifth time.

Aloha Bitches

Aloha BitchesUkulele Hiro’s (gimmie) custom compact disc is something forged from iconic gold. From Johnny Cash to Descendents, and Billy Joel to The Sex Pistols, this one-man-band militia, armed with a snub-nosed ukulele and a silver-tongued kazoo, offers 18 tracks of pulsating, energetic joy. Thanks to the Viper Room for housing this PBR drinker between stage setups for their headliners.

Free Service

CFloorSometimes you get a record you order off Discogs and well, that’s great! And OTHER times, you get the record you order off Discogs with six bonus CDs! Such is the case with Discogs seller “Discontinued” and my order of the Custom Floor Clear Day LP. Let’s give props to those to go the extra mile (or six), and dammit, “Discontinued” is that extra fool going that extra mile! Thank you, good sir!!

Wait… What?!

55″ records are few and far between (there’s only one that I know of), and limited edition pink marble versions by one’s favorite band from say, 21 years ago, needs prominent due diligence. There is a record the size of a compact disc… it contains two songs, and it’s the newest addition to the family collection. Those aware, know the scarcity of this record. We were able to acquire her for a fairly reasonably sum. The Rocket Pack on the other hand…

Folks’ Van Mix

VanMixI implore you to indulge in some alluring autumnal rock. ‘Tis the season, after all. This mix was hand curated by yours truly while on holiday (no, NOT in Waikiki) a few years back, and was just rediscovered upon a thorough cleaning of the office just this morning. Tracklist below for those of you populating the playlist public. It’s captivating fall music, perfect for any fan of the mighty Kinks.


The Kinks – Folks’ Van Mix (misspelled, of course)

1. The Moneygoround (1970)
2. Mr. Pleasant (1966)
3. Autumn Almanac (1968)
4. Holiday in Waikiki (1966)
5. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues (1971)
6. Skin and Bone (1971)
7. Sitting By the Riverside (1968)
8. Animal Farm (1968)
9. Village Green (1968)
10. Starstruck (1968)
11. The Contenders (1970)
12. Last of the Steam Powered Trains (1968)
13. Arthur (1969)
14. Lincoln County (1968)
15. Rats (1970)
16. 20th Century Man (1971)
17. Susannah’s Still Alive (1967)
18. Harry Rag (1967)
19. David Watts (1967)
20. Apeman (1970)
21. A Well Respected Man (1965)
22. All of My Friends Were There (1968)
23. Waterloo Sunset (1967)
24. Strangers (1970)
25. People Take Pictures of Each Other (1968)

Broken Boutique

PB_SkipAside from owning this album twice on vinyl, (I’m going to want to say) twice on cassette with reissue clear, and original blue plastic), I felt obligated to purchase her twice on compact disc. If you’re one to notice subtle, yet striking detail, you’ll notice that compact disc on the far left has a bit of an unplayable crack. I don’t recall exactly HOW this crack occurred, but I distinctly remember WHERE it happened. It was my turn to cue up the boombox in the back kitchen at the Madison, WI Westside Dominoes back in, well, let’s say 1998. For years after, I’d suffered through the subpar digital rip (center disc), until finally breaking down (read: coming to my senses) and purchasing another, brand new copy. These were the end days leading up to the digital revolution, and now, all portable traveling music is consumed by the trusty, yet still too small, 160gb iPod. Why this shit story? If you’re an avid reader of the Groove, you’ll know that I’m a staunch fan of giving respect where respect is due. My original copy of Paul’s Boutique got the shit played out of her, and went out serving me, and my cohorts well. Of course, I had to keep it.

Get it On! vs. Super Hits

FrontThank you in advance for allowing me to present this respectful homage (read: blatant ripoff) by the lovely (yet, unfortunately bankrupt) folks at Grand Royal Records, of Ronco Teleproducts, Inc.’s 1974 “as seen on TV” comp, Get It On! (If you look closely, you can see my father playing guitar above a couple adventure-types maneuvering a raging river in a tippy canoe.)

BackI’ve got to admit, as a collector of all things Grand Royal, I had no idea of this Ronco release, cover design or otherwise, until about a week ago. I’d ordered Super Hits online some time ago and had always admired its depiction of 70’s glowing sunshine, but, and I’m a bit bashful to admit, I had no idea it wasn’t anything shy of 100% original. I’m happy to report, that both comps are outstanding, in their own rights, of course. One has Also Sprach Zarathustra by Deodato, and the other has Mullet Head by the Beastie Boys, so really, what’s not to fall in love with?


Dance ‘Till You Can’t Dance ‘Till You Can’t Dance No More

DanceThere is absolutely no shame in erupting into a volcanic burst of pure, adolescent excitement every once in a while. My most recent enthusiastic explosion was upon discovering this single by the illustrious (yet short lived) electro-pop outfit, C&C Music Factory. Their unforgettable, 1990 effort, Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) was a personal turning point for me, as this was one of the first two compact discs I’d ever owned.

Graduating to the new, crisp sound would come back to haunt me, however, as my instinctive decisions were something I’ve never been able to shake off. Had I known my compulsive hobby would have turned out the way it has, I may have reconsidered my first “official” music choices. I’ve since, over the years, learned to own these erroneous decisions, and am slowly approaching the level of embracement. Now, if I can only find Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em, recapturing my tweens would be all but complete.