Get it On! vs. Super Hits

FrontThank you in advance for allowing me to present this respectful homage (read: blatant ripoff) by the lovely (yet, unfortunately bankrupt) folks at Grand Royal Records, of Ronco Teleproducts, Inc.’s 1974 “as seen on TV” comp, Get It On! (If you look closely, you can see my father playing guitar above a couple adventure-types maneuvering a raging river in a tippy canoe.)

BackI’ve got to admit, as a collector of all things Grand Royal, I had no idea of this Ronco release, cover design or otherwise, until about a week ago. I’d ordered Super Hits online some time ago and had always admired its depiction of 70’s glowing sunshine, but, and I’m a bit bashful to admit, I had no idea it wasn’t anything shy of 100% original. I’m happy to report, that both comps are outstanding, in their own rights, of course. One has Also Sprach Zarathustra by Deodato, and the other has Mullet Head by the Beastie Boys, so really, what’s not to fall in love with?


2 thoughts on “Get it On! vs. Super Hits

  1. Googling “Ronco Get It On” I stumbled upon your homage to what happens to be my very first 33 record as a 10 year-old back in 1974! Looking back, it really had quite the wide variety of music on it. I played the heck out of that thing. Ha! I didn’t know they came out with a 20th anniversary CD. Will have to check that out.

    • It’s such a good comp, and well worth seeking out! I’d immediately recognized it from the Grand Royal Records homage, and knew it was a necessary acquisition. I’d not thought about this one in a while. May need to give ‘er a spin tonight!

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