The Packers’ Glory Years

Go Pack GoInstead of the usual, unconcerned and disinterested audio essay, or, installment from the Ambition Has its Flaws Series, I’m going to make an executive decision and decide NOT to (waste) spend my celebratory time on picking, converting, writing, recording, editing, exporting, and posting an audio Groove installment so that I can, instead, focus more on this whiskey in my hand, a Green Back Packers division clinching win, and most importantly, a Chicago Bears loss.

Whether you’re a fan of the only team in professional sports history to be owned by the people instead of a money hungry conglomerate of greedy disillusionment (AKA every other owner of every other team… EVER), you would be remised to ignore the (albeit regional) impact of a Bears loss, and a Packers win to 1) clinch the division, and 2) send one team packing, and the other team to the playoffs. Sports, the eminent distraction from reality it is, can act as a universal language spanning several generations as well as serve as that underlining ice-breaking thread amongst seemingly uninvolved strangers.

Packer BackerThis album may highlight a Packers’ season from over 45 years ago, but the spirit of every Packers win owns a special plot of real estate in every heart of every Green Bay fan, and today’s win… AGAINST THE BEARS… is that perfect example of just how sweet the taste of victory can seem.

We may lose to the 49’ers next week, but one thing is damn well certain… the Chicago Bears’ season has come to an abrupt conclusion by the willing and capable hands of the Green Bay Packers. Suck it, Chicago!


Iron HalftimeNothing, and I quite literally mean NOTHING says Sunday afternoon football and snacks with family and loved ones like the throat-piercing hook of Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.

While my folks and SO are upstairs enjoying halftime snacks and drinks, I’m riding the psychedelic roller coaster in the basement (man, do I miss basements), enjoying some homemade sangria, and of course, this 17-minute opus.

Halftime should be long enough for an entire album, don’t you think? Anyway, I hope everybody is enjoying this wet, rainy Midwestern day as much as I am.

GameDay 2K13!

SamsonWelcome to GameDay 2K13, kids! Ok yes, officially (American) football started last Thursday, but the first Sunday of the NFL season is the ceremonial GameDay, so that Thursday garbage can go suck an egg as far as I’m concerned.

I need to admit a few things about today’s album pick. First off, I’d never heard of Samson when I purchased Head Tactics. I only paid $0.99 for it, so uncharted territory came at very little cost. Second, I was (stupidly) deceived by (one of the many) advertising ploys promoted on the cover. “Featuring Bruce Dickinson,” to me, meant that this album would contain plenty of cowbell, as, well that SNL sketch of Blue Öyster Cult recording (Don’t Fear) the Reaper was, after all, historically accurate, was it not? What I found, by listening to the 10 tracks, and by researching the band, was something that certainly cannot be tackled in a throwaway post such as this.

ThunderstickHas anybody ever heard of Thunderstick? He’s Samson’s drummer. Here is a picture of Thunderstick. Say hello, Thunderstick. “Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!” I didn’t notice this back picture until just recently, and I can’t wait to dive into the enigmatic world of Samson, their drummer Thunderstick, the REAL Bruce Dickinson, and the band the REAL Bruce Dickinson went on to help make famous, Iron Maiden. All that is for another time.

Happy GameDay 2K13, everyone!