The Packers’ Glory Years

Go Pack GoInstead of the usual, unconcerned and disinterested audio essay, or, installment from the Ambition Has its Flaws Series, I’m going to make an executive decision and decide NOT to (waste) spend my celebratory time on picking, converting, writing, recording, editing, exporting, and posting an audio Groove installment so that I can, instead, focus more on this whiskey in my hand, a Green Back Packers division clinching win, and most importantly, a Chicago Bears loss.

Whether you’re a fan of the only team in professional sports history to be owned by the people instead of a money hungry conglomerate of greedy disillusionment (AKA every other owner of every other team… EVER), you would be remised to ignore the (albeit regional) impact of a Bears loss, and a Packers win to 1) clinch the division, and 2) send one team packing, and the other team to the playoffs. Sports, the eminent distraction from reality it is, can act as a universal language spanning several generations as well as serve as that underlining ice-breaking thread amongst seemingly uninvolved strangers.

Packer BackerThis album may highlight a Packers’ season from over 45 years ago, but the spirit of every Packers win owns a special plot of real estate in every heart of every Green Bay fan, and today’s win… AGAINST THE BEARS… is that perfect example of just how sweet the taste of victory can seem.

We may lose to the 49’ers next week, but one thing is damn well certain… the Chicago Bears’ season has come to an abrupt conclusion by the willing and capable hands of the Green Bay Packers. Suck it, Chicago!

Having Nothing to Do With Anything, These are My Thoughts While Listening to Sports by Huey Lewis and the News

News CoverI wonder if Huey got paid for his cameo in Back to the Future, or if his role as the disapproving high school teacher was compensation for the two Huey Lewis and the News tracks featured on the soundtrack. I remember wanting to be a ninja when this album was big. I believe I WAS a ninja for Halloween one year… I should have gone as Huey instead.

I’m not sure why I own two copies of this album. My father introduced me to Huey Lewis and the News, albeit inadvertently. He had Sports on cassette and would play it in his Datsun. I had a small toy Datsun around this time. I used to pretend it was my father’s car speeding through makeshift highways and back alleys… all while listening to Sports, of course.

News BackI wonder who the modern day Huey Lewis is. I have a new respect for the News now that I know they were Elvis Costello’s backing band for his debut, My Aim is True. Does anybody remember the sketch comedy show on HBO, Not Necessarily the News? I distinctly remember the video for Stuck With You, but since that track doesn’t make an appearance on Sports, I’ll bypass further ramblings of this thought.

I wonder what drug Huey was referring to that makes him feel three feet thick. I wonder what the street value of that drug was then, compared to what it is now. Going back to Back to the Future, I wonder how successful the movie would have been had the DeLorean been replaced by say, a 1985 Chrysler Lebaron.

Sports, for me at least, is the soundtrack to a half-decade of childhood memories. I can’t imagine growing up without it.

The Natural Way to Celebrate Father’s Day

Natural 2Randy Newman is something of an inspirational prodigy whose talents know no emotional, as well as Earthly bounds, and whose overwhelming underrated persona almost gives him more credence, considering his flawless ability to churn out amazing piece after jaw-dropping amazing piece of wonderful, heartfelt music. The Natural is no exception and shamefully, I must admit that I didn’t realize he did the score to this perfect film until just now.

My Dad taught me how to throw a baseball. He taught me how to throw a bounce-pass, shoot a free throw and countless other life-learning essentials, but since baseball is largely regarded as a father/son, father/daughter activity, touching upon baseball’s importance to me, and the man who introduced me to it, seemed fitting on this third Sunday of June.

Arguably the best baseball movie ever released, The Natural, and the masterful music that majestically supports this film, make for perfect background music to this sunny Sunday as we pay tribute and homage to fathers all over the world. If you haven’t already, offer your thanks to your father in your own special way. To all the fathers out there reading this, enjoy your day and thanks for all your hard work!