30° Somewhere

The Promise Ring’s debut album, 1996’s 30° Everywhere is, was, and will forever be the soundtrack to dark and dreary winter evenings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Originally released on Jade Tree Records in a variety of colors (blue, grey, red, white, yellow…), this 12-track opus is considered an integral part of emo’s second wave. Most scoff at the term emo, and they’re not necessarily wrong, as the term has ballooned into absurd and embarrassing proportions, but this album, this band, at that time… well, there was little better.

From Truth to Lies in 7 Days

Jade_25It surprises me, to say the least, that this amazing Jade Tree comp titled, Jade Tree 25 Years, is still available! This adorable companion to late 90’s emotional rock collections is limited to only 250 copies, and yes, it’s still available! $14 and she’s yours!

(Cut to a week later)

Only thing is, I’m a liar. I wasn’t when I originally started this post last week, but today, yeah, sold out. Sorry for any failed excitement this may have caused.