Kiss Koncert

Yup… this concert was over 18 years ago (le sigh). Certainly not a fan of The Nuge’s political position, but he was fairly solid with Skid Row and solo. Kiss was, obviously amazing, though I wish I hadn’t missed the blood-spitting part of the rock n’ roll show. The overpriced beer that caused me to miss this classic experience only added insult to the injury.


CasablancaCasablanca Records is now owned by the greedy, hiney pinchers over at Universal Music Group, and mainly focuses the bulk of its attention on electro-dance releases instead of the classic 70s goofy-glam rock (Kiss) and spaced-out funk (Parliament) it was once renowned for. From what I can gather, a Neil Bogart founded the label under the Warner Bros. umbrella, and in doing so paid homage to his favorite film, whose main actor old Neil shares a surname with. That’s about it. Mondays are a bore.

Blood vs. Beer

Alive!Here is a small, yet valuable lesson to be learned while attending Kiss shows. At some point, Gene Simmons will spit blood. Repress your craving for overpriced beer and stick around for this spectacle. I got thirsty and missed it, and will likely never get the opportunity to witness this again. That damn beer was not worth a lifetime of blood-spitting regret. Learn from my failures, kids.