Is it Magic?

A nifty little find for $2.94 is this Stereo Action record from Marty Gold and His Orchestra titled, It’s Magic. Purchased for the die cut sleeve, as well as being a part of RCA Victor’s Stereo Action series, we took a plunge into the deep end as I’m not familiar with Mr. Gold and his orchestra’s work, but for under $3, why the hell not?!

Sounds Limited

goldEasy listening soundscapes of the orchestral nature, Sounds Unlimited by Marty Gold and His Orchestra packages itself as a futuristic, oscilloscope-ish, other-worldly collection yet, instead, is an intriguingly misleading RCA Victor stereo recording of your run-of-the-mill 1963 family jazz compositions. Worth the $1? Absolutely. Does the cover represent the material, hell no… but the the time is well worth the journey.