Stereo Action Unlimited!

Apparently, there are no limits to the RCA Victor Stereo Action series (a collection of stereo demonstration releases by RCA Victor). The die cut cover suggests nothing short of ear-popping, Space Age Pop explosions of mid-century goodness, and the talent is second to none (Ray Martin, Marty Gold, The Guitars Unlimited Plus 7 to name only a few). Stereo Action Unlimited! is a high-quality easy listener with plenty of candy for your mind’s eyes, because after all, Stereo Action is “the sound your eyes can follow.”

Sounds Limited

goldEasy listening soundscapes of the orchestral nature, Sounds Unlimited by Marty Gold and His Orchestra packages itself as a futuristic, oscilloscope-ish, other-worldly collection yet, instead, is an intriguingly misleading RCA Victor stereo recording of your run-of-the-mill 1963 family jazz compositions. Worth the $1? Absolutely. Does the cover represent the material, hell no… but the the time is well worth the journey.