Get Your MOTOR Runnin’

bleepMan, I wish MOTOR would put out some new music. Maybe they have, and I’ve been under my umbrella of Space Age Pop for too long. Unlikely. MOTOR is definitely one of those bands you need to seek out in order to stay above the line of awareness. They’re not social media darlings, and they certainly don’t pop up on KCRW (they’re more likely to pop up on KXLU, though I’ve never heard them there). Anyway, man I wish MOTOR would put out some new music.


1x1I’ve been listening to a lot of Freispiel lately. You know, the 2001 Faust remix album? No, well anyway, it’s a worthy listen, especially in 20+ minute increments commuting to and from work. It’s beat-y, repetitious, a little industrial-ly, and overall a surprisingly good listen. I don’t own Faust’s Freispiel, but I do own Motor’s 1×1 / King of USA remix 12”. About the only similarities between the two records, aside from the remix factor, is that they’re both pretty badass electro listens.

Remembering the Classics

BeethovenDon’t forget to appreciate the classics… set aside the hip-hoppery of N.E.R.D., Dre, the Fat Boys, and Lords of the Underground… extinguish the fiery rags of Rocket from the Crypt, Todd Terge, and MOTOR… cast away the modern indecency of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Richard Pryor, and Lard… and carve out some well deserved time to remember the classics. For me, it gets no better than Beethoven… or Brahms… or Wagner… or Stravinsky… or Prokofiev… or ONYX… or Bartók. Remember the classics, and allow all other seeping improprieties to pass you by, if only for the length of four, alleviating movements.

BP b/w P

BPBlack Powder b/w Punkture by French / American duo Motor is a simple, yet hard hitting EBM / Tech-NOH two-track 12” from Novamute records, and I’m proud to say was, without a hint of shameful regret, a record that seldom left the platter back in early 2007. Released in 2006 along with their debut album, Klunk, Black Powder is perfect for turning your office into a Vegas after party in just under two minutes (rhythmic light wands not included). Motor’s brand of filthy dance, four on the floor beats are certainly nothing new, but WELL worth getting into.