For Ryan, Who Has Found His Joy

Ryan & JoyHigh atop the Santa Ynez Mountains today, a ceremony of love is beginning to unfold. The unification between one of my oldest friends and the love of his life brings with it teary eyes and a heavy, joy-filled heart (no pun intended). As they gaze upon the ceremonious beauty of the great Pacific, they abandon their separate paths, the solitary roads that brought them together, and begin to embark on a new, uncharted trail through life’s unknown terrain, side by loving side.

Songs of the Sea by The Norman Luboff Choir is a fairly decent selection for this monumental occasion, and certainly one that Ryan would appreciate. We here at the Prudent Groove wish Ryan and Joy a jubilant and thrilling life together, and we’re confident that the love they share will continue to infect every soul they touch.

Take A Trip Across the World (and Back) with Alfred Hause & His Orchestra

FolksongsEasy listening waltz romps manifesting themselves as interplanetary folk ditties. Solemnly executed by Alfred Hause & His Orchestra, this 1970 cultural roller coaster politely invites you, the listener on a destination vacation through the sunny shores of Mexico, over to the Mediterranean-basking banks of Italy, behind the looming German wall, down to the open, festive, ambience of Spain, all the way across the Atlantic and halfway across the Pacific to paradisiacal Hawaii, before making a pit stop (to flip the record) all the way back to the island of Ireland. If jet lag isn’t your thing, consider a shot and a nap before continuing on with the equally delightful side 2.

Folksongs BackAll rested up and ready for another go? Fantastic. After your three day nap, you find yourself amongst the natural wonders of Argentina (Argentine Republic), before hopping over to the densely populated, yet culturally explosive streets of Japan, up to the chilly, crisp air of Russia, back to Germany (to retrieve a pair of socks you accidentally left behind… you know the socks, the ones you got as a gift from Aunt Silvia that you simply can’t live without), then over to the ignorant-minded throes of Southern United States, before reaching your final, and justly deserved, destination of Scotland.

Closing out a multicultural trip that you’ll undoubtedly remember for the rest of your days with the classic, Auld Lang Syne, you look back at your wondrous journey with exhausted fervor, and a lifetime of memories and useless knowledge with which to entertain (or annoy) your friends and family.