First Released in 1975

SuluSo, first and foremost, an esteemed apology for the blatant William Shatner reference in tonight’s post. The SO and I have started watching Boston Legal, a personal favorite, and this 1979, Peter Pan Records release (#1513) seemed arguably appropriate. The In Vino Veritas story is certainly one for the fan-boy ages, but, and I’ll disclose 100% honesty here, anything Shatner is certified gold. Props to Mr. George Takei for his prominent position on this 7”’ cover.

Four Gibsons and A Twirling Lass

HawaiiNot to beat a dead horse, but picked fresh from the gardens of my Misc section is this collection of classic Hawaiian slide guitar gems by The Honolulu Guitars. Simply and squarely titled Hawaii, this 10-track album from an unknown year on the Peter Pan Records subsidiary label, Power Records boasts a paradise of Red Sails in the Sunset against the Hawaiian Skies with smiling islanders in Skirts of Grass twisting in the Moonlight while rhythmically gyrating to a Hawaiian Serenade. Somewhat unsurprisingly, with four Gibsons and a twirling lass, The Honolulu Guitars, and those playing said guitars, achieve beatific joy and instigate a longing for a paradise I’ve never experienced. My only criticism is that this album is too damned short.

LabelWhat else lies deep within the mystic void of my cumbersome Misc section? A few months ago I was commenting to my SO that I should really get some Hawaiian slide guitar music. Little did I know, I’d already owned some.