Comedy Burns

GoldenAgeFor those of you looking for a PG-rated laugh riot, consider this 5 LP marathon from the Longines Symphonette Society, The Golden Age of Comedy: 50 Years of Great Humor, From Vaudville to Video. Narrated by George Burns, this monument of comedy gold is a bear to get through, or at least exceptionally time consuming, but if you’re into the type of quality comedy that your grandparents ripped and riled to, The Golden Age of Comedy is your bag.

Remember the Golden Days of Radio

RadioEvery once in a while it’s good to slow things down to screeching, siren-whaling halt, and ingest the vinyl representation of definitive, mind-opening, electromagnetic radiation of a historical nature. I am, of course, talking about original radio broadcasts, which, without attempt, paint a blurry yet alluring picture of a world devoid of iOS updates, 242 television channels of unadulterated drivel, and the dastardly Kardashians.

Track ListRemember the Golden Days of Radio Volume 2 is a brilliantly executed presentation of archival events that offer a much younger generation of listeners the profound opportunity to experience the highs (The Shadow radio adventure) and lows (The Greatest “Eye Witness” report in history: The Von Hindenburg crashes in flames) of free space spewing entertainment.

Like fresh fruit for a rotting mind, this series by The Longines Symphonette Society is damn near essential material for those of us who are enthralled by, to put it frankly, the way it used to be. Do yourself an extensive favor; release the clutching hands of “the now” and let the warm wave of yesterday’s serenity ease your anxious mind.