The In Sound from 1995?

In SoundsThere seems to be a bit of controversy surround the release of the 199? instrumental compilation by the genre-bending kings, the Beastie Boys. The back sleeve indicates the copyright as 1994, it’s advertised in issue #2 of Grand Royal Magazine from 1995, it’s listed on as a 1995 release, then is given a 1996 release date on both and MAKE UP YOUR DAMN, GROOVE-TASTIC MINDS, PEOPLE! One thing we can all agree on, however, is that this 13-track comp is nothing short of sheer brilliance.

In Sounds AdvertListening to this album, you would have no Earthly idea these guys were forged from Mt. Hip-Hop (or Mt. Hardcore, depending on what you consider their introduction to the social conscious to be). It’s as if 1975 dropped into the studio and graced the soundboard with its majestic polyester swagger to produce arguably the closest thing to a perfect album the world has ever heard. It’s staggering to realize this album is a comp, recorded over a 4-year period, and not the result of a neatly planned out instrumental album, the band’s first of 2 (the other being 2007’s Grammy award winner, The Mix-Up).

This album is a must needed addition to any collection, and although more talented musicians have played more groundbreaking music in this style (mainly throughout the 70s), the esthetic range of the Beastie Boys need not go overlooked.

5 thoughts on “The In Sound from 1995?

  1. At last! A P G album I actually own (though not on spunky gold vinyl). It is indeed great fun. I wonder if responses are different if you come to it after the inspirations (Richard Holmes, Jimmy Smith, later Grant Green, etc.)?
    No matter, playing it cheered up a dreary rain-sludge drive to work this mooring, so thanks!

    • Without a doubt, those were influences on the 3 NYC lads (the opening track, Groove Holmes being a dead giveaway). I’m happy I was able to suggest a soundtrack to your workday commute 🙂

  2. I think we actually gifted this album to our high school art teacher. I wish people wouldn’t use the word epic so disproportionately so that when I say it now it does illustrate the proper scope: this compilation is epic.

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