Emm Gee Emm Wreck Herds

MGM Records, circa: 1968 was the “now” label, or so it thought. With the likes of Eric Burdon & the Animals, Roy Orbison, Herman’s Hermits, Sam the Sham, and Every Mothers’ Son, very few would argue that boasting claim. Throw in the father-son combo of Hank Williams & Jr., and you’ve got yourself “The Sounds of Now” er, then. Fancy design layout, too.

One thought on “Emm Gee Emm Wreck Herds

  1. MGM put out a two record album called “The joy of wine” narrated by the guy that wrote the book. It came with a book. Kind of a risky release. As unlikely a record as “The wind Harp”. Two records worth of wind vibrating the strings of an enormous harp structure thingie…I guess grass-heads would like it..In any event…releases like these sink record labels and MGM AND United Artists who released The wind harp..Went belly up.

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