So Long and Thanks for All the Kale

GreenShoesNOFX’s 1997 minorpiece, So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes received an exclusive Hot Topic (pauses post to eat Sugarfish dinner… mmm… resumes post) release along with its 2010 tan vinyl counterpart (previously touched upon here). Limited to 650 copies, this kale green version fetches a not-so-hefty $39.99 over at Disogs (current as of this post), and is one of six colored releases (original black in 1997, clear pink reissue in 2009, this green version from 2010, the tan version previously mentioned from 2010, a brown version from 2014, and finally, again current as of this post, a pink marbled version also from 2014). So there you have it, kids. Everything you never needed to know about the colored vinyl pressings by this @$$hole band’s seventh studio album. Cheers.

Cobbed Corn Against Humanity

SaneBad Religion, and their 1990 follow-up to 1989’s epic No Control, brought to the mainstream another lasting SoCal mainstay with Against the Grain. Here, reissued on 660 pressings in lush, purple vinyl from back in 2010 (a nice even number), was a Hot Topic exclusive release. I believe I acquired this number from the Ventura, CA Pacific View Mall Hot Topic, which, I must certainly add, had absolutely no view of the Pacific. Whatever, I knew what I was looking for, and here she is, safely resting with her adopted siblings.