Cuff Tity

Tuff CitySo, this is a bit odd. I’d recently (past few weeks) attempted to purchase (twice) a few records from Seems easy enough, for sure, right? I’d entered my CC and email info, had gotten the order confirmation and all, when excitement started to settle in. Cheap-ass records, no, wait, ESSENTIAL records at a discount, and this shit was flat, straight denied. Funds returned. I’d sent email after email, asking for any sense of gimmie denial, but was left in the dark. Today I rechecked the shop to confirm this post, and everything was taken down. Le sigh. The long road it is.

Cards & Analog Entertainment

EightTonight’s rendezvous with social abnormality was Gin Rummy and the Beatles’ self-titled release on 8-track. What I lost in strategy, I gained in audio entertainment, and solid company. It’s all about the random Tuesday evenings in front of a lifeless television listening to vintage mediums and playing card games made famous by our grandparents… or, at least, it damn well should be.

Fat Stacks

PileOk, so how this works is, the pile on the left is TBD, or “to be digitized,” while the pile on the right is NTLT, or “need to listen to.” There was a time when the NTLT was something like 30+ records deep, and as you can see, we’ve covered some good ground, but the problem with continuing to accumulate records we couldn’t possibly live (or be caught dead) without, is that the NTLT, then subsequently the TBD, remain to be long-lasting stacks consistently fixed in these slightly varied plies on the floor. Either I need to adjust my ingestion process to amuse my morbid fear of clutter, or I need to listen to more damn records. I think the solution is painfully obvious.

The Argyle

ArgyleI’m still a bit confused about the details surrounding tomorrow night’s show, but APPARENTLY, both Pennywise AND The Bouncing Souls will be playing the Palladium. Knocking off work early to attend, so let’s hope Friday isn’t a mongrel bitch. BTW, The Good, the Bad, and the Argyle is arguably the best Bouncing Souls album ever released… here’s hoping the band thinks so too.

Viva la Doors!

ILiketheDoorsThe Doors’ debut album (released January 4th, 1967) could almost (… almost) work as a mini greatest hits album, for those of you into mini greatest hits albums. The End, Light My Fire, Alabama Song (Whisky Bar), and their unsuccessful first single, Break on Through (to the Other Side) make for an phenomenal, long-lasting introduction to this historically symbolic LA band. For people into good things, this album is already in your possession, but for those of you into good things but are unaware of The Doors and their first album The Doors, shame on you. Shame on you, and good day! (Says the guy with the 1980 reissue…)

Music for Time Travel Cooking Baking Night

WN - ChristmasJC - ChristmasJust a few of the holiday records that kicked off time travel cookie baking night at the homestead. We started with Willie Nelson’s Pretty Paper (Rudolph, Blue Christmas, White Christmas, etc.), then on to the immensely depressing, The Christmas Spirit by Johnny Cash (Here Was A Man, The Gifts They Gave, The Ballad of Harp Weaver), then we finally got the funky, funky party going with Merry, Merry Christmas by New Kids on the Block (Funky, Funky, Xmas, This One’s for the Children, I Still Believe in Santa Claus). It was certainly a merry evening, at least the parts I can recall…

NKOTB - Christmas

Black Friday ’15

TodayToday’s haul from the 2015 Record Store Day sponsored Black Friday event. Only four of these were actual RSD exclusives, but we certainly couldn’t turn down $0.33.3 clearance lounge records. The Sun Records picture disc was an impulse buy, and certainly justified. We hope you’re enjoying your holiday, if in fact you actually get a holiday, and we hope said holiday involves many a spun record.


YoungMCOne of the two hip hop acquisitions from Saturday’s Wax fair, this sealed Young MC single from 1988: I Let ’em Know backed with My Name is Young. This was a no-brainer as far as historical, LA-based labels are concerned. I’ve not seen many of the standard Delicious sleeves (featured here), instead generally seeing a plain black or white sleeve. Defunct label design aside, tonight I’m going to blast some Young MC while pretending I’m 9 years old again… should make for an interesting evening for my neighbors.


WAXTreading thin ice here, so as not to bite the hand that feeds, or some type idiom that some deem appropriate here, but the first day of Los Angeles’ record fair dubbed, Wax The Los Angeles Record Fair, was, although wholeheartedly welcomed (obviously), a severe letdown. Yeah, well, what the shit could you have done better, you POS nobody, nothing head! Fair enough, I’d respond. Crosley Records, for one, would have no presence at said event whatsoever. As far as I’m concerned, and usability backs me up, anything sold at Urban Outfitters need not exist within the meticulous and clinically obsessed lives of record collectors, and anywhere they would frequent. I made a point to walk past that (Crosley) booth with a fierce and cool stride not seen in the great county of Los Angeles (Ventura County, well, that’s a horse of another color, altogether). $1200 priced Elvis Presley 45s baking in the Los Angeles heat, bubbling in the shadows of the (outdated) Capitol Records building, to me, does not make any lick of sense. As an aside, where the organization (WAX) and vendor shirt prices are fixed at an already outrageous $20, why, Capitol Records of Los Angeles, CA, are you charging an astronomical $27 for your damn logo on a solid color? The take away from this event was, at least for me: STEAL YOUR MUSIC! Thanks, but you’re fooling no one. If you’re not going to do it right, then please God, almighty… DON’T DO IT AT ALL!

Endless Summer

EndlessSummerSummer of 2015 in Los Angeles, aka the Summer that would not end! As we “officially” move into Autumn, let’s, at least internally, put a proper end to the scorching heat and horrid traffic, and make way for cooling, soft breezes, roaring fireplaces, and plenty of Sounds of Silence and The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society (enter your favorite Autumn-themed music here). Beach Boys, you’ve “officially” outstayed your welcome. It’s now time for you to go home. Happy Autumn Day!

Funky Cold Sangria

PizzaIn Los Angeles and craving some badass pizza with a little local hip hop flair (and let’s be honest, aren’t we all in one way or another)? Then why not make the most of your cheat day with some of the best pizza the area has to offer with the Delicious Vinyl influenced Delicious Pizza? From a Soulflower to a Rick Ross, your LA-based beat-palate will be satisfied with enough room for some Funky Cold Sangria. Seriously, this is the best place on Earth!