The Husbands

HusbandsIn place of exercise this morning we spun this energetic debut by The Husbands. From what I could hear over the dying fan of my laptop, I LOVED! She now rests in the “have listened to / need to digitize” pile, which is getting rather large thanks to my manic ventures. I can’t wait to relisten to this garage rock trio, and I encourage all within eyeshot to seek it out. It may be a bit premature to crown them the queens of garage rock, then again it may not.

The Argyle

ArgyleI’m still a bit confused about the details surrounding tomorrow night’s show, but APPARENTLY, both Pennywise AND The Bouncing Souls will be playing the Palladium. Knocking off work early to attend, so let’s hope Friday isn’t a mongrel bitch. BTW, The Good, the Bad, and the Argyle is arguably the best Bouncing Souls album ever released… here’s hoping the band thinks so too.


JoeThe words “Joe” and “Strummer” have always been synonymous with “inspirational” and “brilliance,” yes, even dating back to his 101’ers days. This Turkish rock God, originally christened John Graham Mellor, headed the phoenix rise and fiery fall of The Clash, dabbled in a bit of soundtrack work, sang a duet of Redemption Song with Johnny Cash, and during his untimely death, helmed the magnificent Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros. Global A Go-Go, the band’s 2nd offering, can be best described as emotional, acoustic punk for the retired generation too set in their ways to set down the bottle or empty the overflowing ashtray. It’s greasy-haired adult contemporary with a twist of stubborn jam-rock, but with decades of recording history under its belt. It’s heavily layered, often rambling (in a good way), and demands constant and consistent spins. 50 is a frighteningly young age to die. Joe Strummer, and his creative brilliance are greatly missed.

Free Service

CFloorSometimes you get a record you order off Discogs and well, that’s great! And OTHER times, you get the record you order off Discogs with six bonus CDs! Such is the case with Discogs seller “Discontinued” and my order of the Custom Floor Clear Day LP. Let’s give props to those to go the extra mile (or six), and dammit, “Discontinued” is that extra fool going that extra mile! Thank you, good sir!!

From Truth to Lies in 7 Days

Jade_25It surprises me, to say the least, that this amazing Jade Tree comp titled, Jade Tree 25 Years, is still available! This adorable companion to late 90’s emotional rock collections is limited to only 250 copies, and yes, it’s still available! $14 and she’s yours!

(Cut to a week later)

Only thing is, I’m a liar. I wasn’t when I originally started this post last week, but today, yeah, sold out. Sorry for any failed excitement this may have caused.

Comedy Burns

GoldenAgeFor those of you looking for a PG-rated laugh riot, consider this 5 LP marathon from the Longines Symphonette Society, The Golden Age of Comedy: 50 Years of Great Humor, From Vaudville to Video. Narrated by George Burns, this monument of comedy gold is a bear to get through, or at least exceptionally time consuming, but if you’re into the type of quality comedy that your grandparents ripped and riled to, The Golden Age of Comedy is your bag.